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How A Commercial Air Conditioning System Works

Love it or hate it, chances are the heatwave of 2018 meant you've needed it... but have you wondered how a commercial air conditioning system works?

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4 Benefits Of Regular Commercial Refrigeration Servicing

Running a thriving catering business or restaurant can mean commercial refrigeration servicing is not at the top of your list of priorities. However, arranging regular servicing of your critical kitchen equipment can make sound business sense for...

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Cold Room Installation - How Much Does It Cost?


A cold room typically provides several advantages over a traditional upright or under-counter fridge/freezer, including increased storage space, secure storage of stock and the ability to store different items at different temperatures.

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Avoid Costly Repair with These 5 Top Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning is an essential service, especially during the hot summer months. A failure of the HVAC system during this time of the year can have grave financial implications for businesses. Besides a decline in employee performance, some AC...

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How To Know When You Need Your Worcester Bosch Boiler Repairing

Worcester Bosch is one of the most reliable boiler manufacturers in the world. Like all systems, failures are inevitable. Nevertheless, not all these failures call for repair. So how do you decide it is time to call your boiler maintenance...

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Brand New Vans Grace The Password Services Fleet

We're pleased to announce the addition of four brand new Ford Transit Custom vans to our fleet, with the addition of four more vans planned for the very near future.

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Don't Risk Wasted Produce By Allowing Your Walk In Freezer To Miss Out On Quick Repairs

If your business involves food sales, storage, or if you own a restaurant, then you probably own at least one walk in freezer. These vital machines are found at the heart of any busy kitchen and they're always in use, helping to keep your produce...

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3 Tips & Tricks To Choosing A Commercial Refrigeration System

Choosing the right commercial refrigeration solution for your business is essential.

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Fast Food Outlet Drive Thru Installation

Check out the below photos of an installation we completed at a fast food outlet in Hertford as part of an 'Experience Of The Future' refurbishment.

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Mitsubishi Electric Condensers Case Study For Fast Food Outlet

A case study for the installation of Mitsubishi Electric Condensers at a Fast Food Outlet.

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