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Does R410a Have A High Global Warming Potential & What Are The Alternatives?

For some time now, R410a has been the refrigerant that has been deployed in air conditioning systems thanks to its properties that make it less harmful to the environment than its predecessors like R22. R22 is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)...

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Gas Engineer/Plumber Job Vacancy

Job Title: Gas Engineer/Plumber

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Refrigeration Engineer Job Vacancy

Job Title: Refrigeration Engineer

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HVAC Engineer Job Vacancy

Job Title: HVAC Engineer

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4 Properties Of R32 Refrigerant That Make It Better Than R410a

The previous refrigerant elect was R410a, but why is this now being phased out in favour of R32? Here are four properties of R32 refrigerant that make it better than R410a:

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R410a vs R32 Refrigerant

In recent years, a number of prominent air conditioning manufacturers and firms have made the switch from R410a refrigerant to R32. A refrigerant is a fluid or gas that is used in the running of air conditioning systems and fridges or freezers....

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RMHC Oxford to Holland – Charity Bike Ride 2018

The team at Password Services would like to announce that on June 2nd this year our MD Richard along with one of our engineers, Will, are going to be setting off with a team from I & A Restaurants Ltd T/as McDonald's on a charity bike ride!

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