Avoid Costly Repair with These 5 Top Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Avoid Costly Repair with These 5 Top Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Avoid Costly Repair with These 5 Top Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning is an essential service, especially during the hot summer months. A failure of the HVAC system during this time of the year can have grave financial implications for businesses. Besides a decline in employee performance, some AC repairs can be too costly. Fortunately, such occurrences are avoidable.

Below are five top commercial air conditioning maintenance tips that help in preventing costly repairs and loss of production.

1. Do not overload the HVAC unit

Overloading an air conditioning unit makes the components work harder than their designed capacity. It leads to faster degradation of the elements and eventual failure. Commercial air conditioning units are usually overloaded by turning the thermostat to the lowest setting during the hottest days. It only shortens the AC's lifespan and increases the energy bill.

2. Clean vents, coils and replace filters regularly

Workplace air conditioning systems easily collect dust, pollen, and bacteria. A dirty filter inhibits the flow of air across the evaporator coils, reducing the system’s cooling capacity. Blocked condenser coils prevent the removal of heat, causing incorrect condensing pressures. Consequently, the compressor gets strained, runs hot and may overheat if unchecked.

It is, therefore, essential that the vents, coils and filters are cleaned regularly, at least once in a month and replaced every three months under normal working conditions. They require more maintenance during hot months than the other times of the year for optimum performance.

3. Consistent thermostat setting

Unlike the home, the workplace brings together many people with different temperature preferences. It leads to constant tampering with the air conditioners thermostat setting, which accelerates the system’s wear and tear. The best practice to have a consistent and relatively small temperature range settings.

4. Regular system inspection

Some of the problems that damage a commercial air conditioning system require a trained eye to pick out. They include dried or leaking refrigerant and bent fins. The integrity of the electrical connections and any nearby draining lines are some of the other areas to inspect. Faulty electrical connections or leaking drainage systems are common causes of HVAC faults.

5. Regular Tune-up (Maintenance) Schedules

Residential air conditioning units only need maintenance services once a year. Commercial air conditioners, on the other hand, work all year round and therefore, require regular servicing of at least twice in a year.

The air conditioning maintenance tips outlined here will keep a commercial HVAC system in great shape for optimum performance and extend its lifespan. It is worth pointing out that only an F Gas Restistered Company with enough expertise in maintaining commercial air conditioning systems should service them. It will prevent costly maintenance mistakes.

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