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We Have Returned To Business As Usual For All Repairs And Installations!

After months of uncertainty and disruption, we are delighted to advise customers that we are open as usual once again, for all installations, repair and maintenance services.

As lockdown eases, we are very aware that businesses and individuals...

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Our Thanks To Bondloc, The Best Hand Wipe And Sanitiser Supplier In The UK

One of the small mercies we are grateful for in this crisis is that the coronavirus is easily destroyed by standard antibacterial and cleansing products. (This isn’t something people could have taken for granted at the beginning.)

This has...

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York Unveil New Models Due To ERP Regulations


This year has seen York unveil a number of new models in their Amichi series that drive efficiency, sustainability, and mark a commitment to complying with the Energy Related Products (ERP) directive of 2009. This marks a firm commitment for...

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Password Services Air-conditioning Ltd Case Study


Password Services Air-conditioning Ltd recently completed a contract to replace four York air-con units at a factory in beautiful Sheffield. The units were York (Johnson Controls) D2IG300 gas fired package units, and we were hired to replace...

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How A Commercial Air Conditioning System Works

Love it or hate it, chances are the heatwave of 2018 meant you've needed it... but have you wondered how a commercial air conditioning system works?

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Avoid Costly Repair with These 5 Top Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Air conditioning is an essential service, especially during the hot summer months. A failure of the HVAC system during this time of the year can have grave financial implications for businesses. Besides a decline in employee performance, some AC...

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Does R410a Have A High Global Warming Potential & What Are The Alternatives?

For some time now, R410a has been the refrigerant that has been deployed in air conditioning systems thanks to its properties that make it less harmful to the environment than its predecessors like R22. R22 is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)...

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