Heater Repairs: What To Do If Your Heater Breaks Down

Heater Repairs: What To Do If Your Heater Breaks Down

Heater repairs What to do if your heater breaks down

There's no denying that it is a huge inconvenience when your commercial heating system breaks down in the cold winter months, leaving your workplace feeling positively frosty, but it will always be something that your business must plan for - sooner or later it will occur in all commercial premises! After all, when heating commercial buildings there will be a great deal of strain on the equipment when the external temperature hits rock bottom, so here's what you can do when the worst happens.

Let Everyone Know

Your employees need to be informed as soon as possible after a heating breakdown so that they can prepare adequately and perhaps bring in extra layers of clothing or even their own portable heaters from home - as long as they pass PAT testing! As a responsible employer, you are legally obliged to do everything in your power to provide them with a suitable working environment.

Customers should also be informed when they arrive that although things might be a little chilly inside, your company is still soldiering on and providing the best possible service; some cost-effective hot drinks would go down a treat. Staff morale would get a much-needed boost too.

Keep The Heat In

Although the internal temperature will drop, there are still measures that you can take to ensure that any precious remaining heat is kept inside the building. Keeping doors and windows shut will allow any warm air to remain in place for as long as possible, and although bright sunlight might make it more difficult to see a computer screen, it can make a small but significant difference to the temperature of a room.

To try and think ahead for this sort of situation, you could get a builder or an energy efficiency specialist to check that you already have the best possible insulation that will help to retain heat if your heater breaks down. Taking this step will also help your company to keep its energy bills low all year round.

Get Your Heating Fixed By The Experts

Password Services offer commercial heating repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you a service that will get your heating back up and running without delay. We also pride ourselves upon providing comprehensive repairs that will last, reducing the chances of another dreaded breakdown further down the line.

We can also assist with commercial gas heater repairs, along with routine servicing to ensure that all of your heating equipment is up to the job when you need it the most.

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